What should a resume look ike

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It is very important to find a suitable job. Such that was like and was well paid, gave the opportunity for self-realization and was located not far from home. All this is possible, vacancies for the required positions exist. To begin, make it right, taking into account the requirements of the employer to whom you want to get into the state. If a particular company has its own resume form, take the trouble to fill it accordingly. To do this, carefully, carefully and essentially answer all questions.

If you have not yet decided on an employer, make a standard resume, as much as possible in an expanded form. Describe in detail all your skills andtheoretical knowledge, your previous experience and expectations from future work. Not only in terms of wages, but also in the possibility of professional and personal development. Do this in order to have more choices. So you can claim not one, but several vacant posts. Where better to mix resumes, you decide. Take your profile to a major recruitment agency in your city. Or place it in the resume database on specialized sites, such as Job.ru, HH.ru or Superjob.ru. These are the largest resources that are filled daily with new vacancies.

Register on these resources and choose a convenient way to post your resume. The system will offer you open access; when choosing such a service, all interested employers can familiarize themselves with your data. If you definitely do not like some companies or you are looking for a new job secretly from your current management, put the appropriate mark. Then access of certain employers to your data will be disabled. If you want to remain “incognito” at all, check the box “not visible to anyone.” In this case, you yourself will track new jobs. Correctly specify the registration address of your e-mail, and you will receive daily notifications from these resources about the appearance of new vacancies.

When drafting a resume, it becomes necessary to describe your own work experience. It is worth paying attention to completing this section, since the first impression that a potential employer will have is not least dependent on the job experience of the applicant. According to the staff of personnel agencies, the most interesting from the point of view of the potential employer is the experience gained by the applicant over the next five to ten years. Write the name of the organizations where you worked, indicate the scope of their activities, your position at each place of work, the range of duties that you performed. Specify the time during which you worked in each of the organizations. It is enough to writethe month and year of the beginning and end of work.