How to make your resume stand out

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After reading a lot on the Internet, and having tested all these tips in my own skin, I discovered some rules of the game, having fulfilled which your resume becomes automatically attractive. I lead to the fact that from a heap of versatile resumes, the employer will want to familiarize himself first with yours and then with the rest, which in turn will increase your chances of getting an interview. Here are the rules:  a) The summary should be compact. That is, when an employer takes it in hand, it should consist of a maximum of two pages, otherwise it will be postponed until better times. People are lazy and even the head of the company does not want to read the whole manuscript of one of the applicants. Do not write anything really superfluous, such as I like to cook or go fishing. Of course, you say that this can be attributed to the hobby section, but it will be more effective to write in the hobby section, saying that you like to work. Only worth it to disguise. But how?

Suppose you are a specialist and you are arranging system administrators in a company, then in the hobby section you will effectively write “I like coding in the evenings” or “I make websites to order”, “I do web design in my spare time”. In this way, you will significantly increase your chances of success; the employer, after reading this, will think what a hard worker he has, even his hobby is related to work. How’s that option? b) Be literate. Even if you had a sluggish troika at school in Russian, do not be discouraged, MS Word will help you, just before sending, look at your resume on the latest version of word, since word 2007 sees errors that 2003 doesn’t see. 2010, if I’m not mistaken. A stupid mistake in the text like tsya and tsya can spoil the overall impression of you, so make sure everything is in order. c) Photo required. Some believe that photography is not necessarily necessary. Do you know why they say that? Because they do not monitor their appearance and are ashamed to attach their photo to the resume themselves. So, I tell you, a photo card is definitely needed, especially if you are a girl and you are taking a position in which you will need to communicate a lot with customers.

Even if you didn’t come out with your face, then there are a lot of free effects for photoshop to help you or ask a friend to make you a cool photo. Just do not need to attach a photo from the salon for 50 rubles, so you are not at its best 100% Choose a cool photo and attach it to your resume in spite of all your complexes and clamps. This must be done. Example: There are two cool resumes, but one without a photo. Guess who the employer will call for an interview? d) Structure is very important. The resume should not have the first column of work experience, and then education, where your name and surname will be written at the end. Of course, this is a stupid example, but nevertheless understandable. In more detail about what should be the structure of the summary I will tell in the next subtitle.