How to make a resume word

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The process of drawing up a resume for admission to work should be approached as carefully as possible, since its content, information content and capacity make it clear how seriously a person is able to approach the matter, to present himself with high quality and interest, even without using personal charm. Self-presentation in the form of a summary is always a structured document that includes several points. So that the employer has no doubts about the document of which purpose he has been presented for familiarization, the name of the document (resume) and the applicant’s full name must be indicated at the top center of the sheet. For example: Summary Savchuk Igor Romanovich. Job search the main and main goal of the resume. When drafting the document, a specific position is indicated in which the applicant has an interest. As a rule, indicate the initial threshold of remuneration, for example: from 45000.

In order for the reciprocal requirements for working conditions to be real and feasible for the employer, it is better to analyze in advance the average wage in the company where the vacancy is open. Otherwise, resumes may be rejected at the review stage. the address of the place of actual or permanent residence (if the vacant position implies the traveling nature of work, it is appropriate to indicate the city or otherwise restrict the territory within which the applicant is ready for business trips); phone number for feedback, email address. You can add a photo at will. When choosing is to give preference to images that were made for documents. In the section on education, information is given on the name of the educational institution, the period of mastering the curriculum, the qualifications awarded. When drafting a resume by a student or applicant without special education, it is important to take into account a number of nuances: Information about general full incomplete education is written only if the secondary special or higher education program is not completed (since the school program is a necessary minimum for all).

If you have mastered or mastered several specialties you can list each of those. Completed refresher courses and other supplementary education are permissible to indicate if it is close by occupation. 6. Experience In the content of the paragraph, all previous jobs are sounded in chronological order, including the following data: 7. Personal qualities When listing personal qualities in a resume, it is necessary to adhere to the principle of expediency and mention only those characteristics that in any way can have a beneficial effect on the upcoming official duties. For example, it is appropriate for a sales representative to say that there is such a quality as the ability to quickly find a common language with people of different age categories and social status; an accountant a mathematical mindset; a lawyer an excellent memory and quick analysis of legislation; Designer non-standard spatial thinking. Due consideration should be given to the accomplishment submission, as it tells about concrete successes at the previous place of work. Describing the stipulated facts, it is recommended to reflect specific figures, time intervals and other clarifications as often as possible.